George Willson

Director Of Development


George is a Director of Development in Gore, New Zealand. He enjoys reading gritty crime novels as well as biographies of his favorite sports athletes, watching rugby, and going to the gym. His hobbies include playing 7-a-side touch rugby with friends, attending large music festivals, and indulging his “heavy” tabby cat.

I have always tried to learn before I lead, and the best place to learn is often in the deep end. Thanks to this way of thinking that I prefer to be at the forefront of a new industry. I want to be part of it from the beginning as it allows me to understand the system better than anyone else. My role within the online casino industry is filling strategic gaps.

Whether it is finding the right partner in a limited jurisdiction or sweating the details of online regulations, I find a way to utilize the company’s assets with lasting partnerships. I began playing a few online casino games as an amateur and quickly discovered I had a knack for understanding the current climate and best practices. I know that the online casino market in Europe and the U.S. will continue to evolve rapidly.

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