Online Roulette

Online roulette is essentially an internet roulette game that players can play using a computer, smartphone or tablet. Once a player understands the basic rules, they can play roulette online at online casinos for real money.

This guide focuses on online roulette gambling and provides links to the best roulette casino sites. It covers the basic rules of the game, bet types, roulette variants, and gaming tips. Read on to learn everything you need to know about roulette games and casinos.

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Best Casinos to Play Roulette for Real Money

The following table features the best online roulette sites. Compare the available options, pick a good online roulette NZ casino, and join now to claim a nice roulette bonus.

Casino Advantages Bonus Claim
Rizk Logo Rizk
  • 100% up to NZD$500
  • Many payment options
  • Live chat 24/7
  • No cryptocurrencies
Welcome package: NZ$500 + 50 Free Spins or NZ$500 in live casino

Claim Bonus Go to Rizk casino

Joo Casino Logo Joo Casino
  • 6,000+ games
  • Accepts cryptocurrency
  • Live chat support
  • No mobile app
Welcome offer: NZ$3,000 + 200 free spins

Claim Bonus Go to Joo Casino casino

Mirax Logo Mirax
  • Super fast payouts
  • Accepts crypto
  • Fully licensed
  • No phone support number
Welcome package: 5 BTC + 150 free spins

Claim Bonus Go to Mirax casino

Ice Casino Logo Ice Casino
  • Good list of attractive bonuses
  • Good range of payment solutions
  • Advantageous VIP program
  • No support phone number
Welcome Package: NZ$1,500 + 270 Free spins

Claim Bonus Go to Ice Casino casino

BlueСhip Logo BlueСhip
  • 400% welcome pack for 4 deposits
  • Own mobile app
  • Accepts crypto
  • No phone support number
Welcome Package: 400% up to NZ$2,500 + 250 FS

Claim Bonus Go to BlueСhip casino

N1 Casino Logo N1 Casino
  • Fully licensed casino
  • Live chat & email support
  • Fast payouts
  • No support phone number
Welcome Package: NZ$6,000 + 200 free spins

Claim Bonus Go to N1 Casino casino

7Bit Logo 7Bit
  • Responsive 24/7 support
  • Accepts crypto
  • Rewarding welcome bonus
  • No phone support number
Welcome Package: NZ$1500 or 4 BTC + 100 free spins

Claim Bonus Go to 7Bit casino

Abo Logo Abo
  • Generous welcome package
  • Wide language selection
  • Multiple payment options
  • Mobile friendly games
  • Access to well known vendors
  • 24/7 multilingual live chat
Welcome package: NZ$1,875 or 3 BTC + 300 free spins

Claim Bonus Go to Abo casino

Oxi Casino Logo Oxi Casino
  • Over 6,000 games
  • VIP Program & Promotions
  • Multiple payment methods
  • 24/7 Support
  • No mobile app
Welcome Package: up to NZ$600 or NZ$3,450 + 200 free spins

Claim Bonus Go to Oxi Casino casino

Vulkan Vegas Logo Vulkan Vegas
  • Great bonus of NZD$1,000 + 125 FS
  • Mobile app
  • Fast payouts
  • No payment methods for cryptocurrencies
Welcome bonus: NZ$1,000 + 125 Free Spins

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SkyCrown Logo SkyCrown
  • VIP program and regular rewards
  • Over 6,000 thrilling games
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Lack of support channels to get in touch
Welcome bonus: NZ$3,000 + 350 free spins

Claim Bonus Go to SkyCrown casino

Doggo Logo Doggo
  • Over 2,000 games
  • Dream Drop Jackpot of up to NZ$10 million
  • Low wagering requirements
  • No phone support
Welcome Bonus: 100% up to NZ$500 + 200 free spins

Claim Bonus Go to Doggo casino

Leon Logo Leon
  • Welcome bonus in 4 deposits
  • Engaging loyalty program
  • Fully licensed
  • The app is for Android only
Welcome Offer: NZ$1,500 + NZ$20 cash bonus

Claim Bonus Go to Leon casino

KingBilly Logo KingBilly
  • Extensive gaming catalog
  • An attractive welcome package
  • Exciting regular offers
  • Sticky bonuses
Welcome Package: NZ$2,500 + 250 free spins

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GlobalOdds Logo GlobalOdds
  • 2,800+ games
  • Crypto payments
  • Integrated sportsbook
  • No mobile app
Welcome Package: NZ$500

Claim Bonus Go to GlobalOdds casino

Online Roulette Main Rules Explained

Roulette main rules

Roulette is a straightforward game with simple rules that even new players can understand quickly. The game features a spinning roulette wheel with black and red pockets. The wheel has a single-zero (0) pocket for European Roulette or two green pockets (0 and 00) for American Roulette. There’s also a ball and a roulette table with 36 numbers and several betting areas.

The rules of the roulette game are as follows:

  • Predict where the ball will land after the spinning wheel stops
  • The dealer (RNG software) spins the wheel and tosses the ball onto the wheel
  • Wins are awarded if the prediction is correct

Steps to follow after understanding online roulette basic rules:

  1. Select a number or segment with several numbers to bet on
  2. Bet on the selected number or group of numbers
  3. The wheel will spin and display the winning number
  4. Enjoy your winnings if the prediction was correct
  5. Place another bet

Roulette Types of Bets Explained

With online casino roulette, players can place different bets. Bets for an online casino roulette game can be categorised into inside, outside, and announced bets. Some bets are risker than others, and it all comes down to the player’s preferences and skills.

Inside Bets Include

Inside Bets

The roulette table features a part with the numbers 0 to 36 and outer sectors with groups of numbers. Inside bets are wagers that players can place on the numbers. The house edge varies depending on the type of bet. Let’s look at the options here.

  1. Straight – A single bet placed on one of the numbers on the table.
  2. Split – A bet on the line between two adjacent numbers to cover both numbers.
  3. Street – A bet on three numbers in the same row placed on the out corner.
  4. Six Line – A bet featuring two neighbouring street bets with the chip between two rows.
  5. Corner – A 4-number bet where the chip is placed on the four lines separating the numbers.
  6. Trio – A 3-number bet covering the zero or zeros and the neighbouring numbers.
  7. Basket – A bet on 0, 1, 2 and 3. It includes 00 in American Roulette.
Online roulette inside bets odds
Bet European Odds American Odds Payout
Straight Bet 2.7% 2.6% 35:1
Split Bet 5.4% 5.3% 17:1
Street Bet 8.1% 7.9% 11:1
Corner Bet 10.8% 10.5% 8:1
Double Street Bet 16.2% 15.8% 5:1
Basket Bet n/a 13.16% 6:1
Outside Bets Include

Outside Bets

As we said before, the roulette wheel has outer sections that feature groups of numbers.

This is where players can place outside bets.

The common outside bets in a roulette game are as follows:

  1. Red or Black – A bet on the ball to land on a red or black number.
  2. Odd or Even – Betting on the ball to land on an odd or even number.
  3. 1-18 or 19-36 – Betting on the ball to land on a low or high number
  4. Dozens – Placing a bet on any of the 3 groups of 12 numbers.
  5. Columns – Predicting the winning number to be in a specific column.
Online roulette outside bets odds
Bet European Odds American Odds Payout
Red/Black 48.65% 47.37% 1:1
Odd/Even 48.65% 47.37% 1:1
Low/High 48.65% 47.37% 1:1
Column 32.4% 31.6% 2:1
Dozen 32.4% 31.6% 2:1
Announced Bets

Announced Bets

Announced or call bets are special rules for French variants of the online roulette game. Some European variants of roulette may include announced bets. These bets include the following:

  1. Jeu Zéro (Zero Game) – A bet covering three neighbours of zero on each side of the wheel.
  2. Le Tiers du Cylindre (Third of the Wheel) – This bet covers 12 numbers (27 to 33 on the roulette wheel.
  3. Orphelins (Orphans) – A bet covering the numbers 1, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 31 and 34.
  4. Voisins du Zéro (Neighbours of Zero) – Betting on the zero and the seven numbers next to it on each side.
French roulette announced bets
Bet Bet include numbers Payouts #1 Payouts #2
Jeu Zéro (Zero Game) 12-35-3-26-0-32-15 If lands 26 = 36:1 anything else = 18:1
Le Tiers du Cylindre (Third of the Wheel) 27,13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16 and 33 over 2 numbers = 17:1
Orphelins (Orphans) 17-34-6 and 1-20-14-31-9 Straight bet = 35:1 Other numbers = 17:1
Voisins du Zéro (Neighbors of Zero) 22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2 and 25 Split numbers = 17:1 Corner bet = 8:1

Know Your Odds to Win

Know Your Odds to Win

The house edge is one important factor to consider when playing roulette online real money games. American Roulette has a higher house edge because of the additional double-zero pocket. On the other hand, European and French roulette casino game options have a much lower house edge. Thus, for the best winning odds, it’s advisable to play European or French casino roulette versions.

When you wager on a single number, your chances of winning are the best. In European roulette, you have a 1:36 chance, whereas in American roulette, you have a 1:37 chance. Bets that cover half of the 36 digits, such as Black or Red, Odd or Even, 1 to 18, and 19 to 36, have the best odds.

If you play a lot of roulette games in a row, you need take into account the house edge, which is 2.7 percent in European roulette and 5.26 percent in American roulette if you bet on a single number. Roulette is significantly more popular in Europe than in the Americas because of this.

Odds and payouts at online roulette
European & American Roulette: Odds & Payouts
Bet type Payout European roulette odds American roulette odds
Single number 35 to 1 2.70% 2.60%
Two Number Combination 17 to 1 5.4% 5.3%
Three Number Combination 11 to 1 8.1% 7.9%
Four Number Combination 8 to 1 10.8% 10.5%
Five Number Combination 6 to 1 13.5% 13.2%
Six Number Combination 5 to 1 16.2% 15.8%
Column 2 to 1 32.40% 31.6%
Dozen 2 to 1 32.40% 31.6%
Even/Odd 1 to 1 48.60% 47.4%
Red/Black 1 to 1 48.60% 47.4%
Low/High 1 to 1 48.60% 47.4%

Best Bonuses to Play Online Roulette for Real Money

Top roulette online casino sites offer a wide range of bonuses. These include welcome bonuses in the form of bonus funds. Players should take advantage of online roulette bonus offers to boost their bankrolls. Keep in mind that a deposit may be required to claim a roulette bonus.

  • Rizk
    Welcome package: NZ$500 + 50 Free Spins or NZ$500 in live casino
  • Joo Casino
    Welcome offer: NZ$3,000 + 200 free spins
  • Mirax
    Welcome package: 5 BTC + 150 free spins
  • Ice Casino
    Welcome Package: NZ$1,500 + 270 Free spins
  • BlueСhip
    Welcome Package: 400% up to NZ$2,500 + 250 FS
  • N1 Casino
    Welcome Package: NZ$6,000 + 200 free spins

Best Roulette Strategies You Should Know

Casino online roulette players can benefit from various strategies. To enjoy the game, roulette gamers need to know which strategy works for them. We will look at the four main popular gambling roulette strategies.

Martingale System

Martingale System

  • The main idea is to place a bigger bet after losing
  • Use it when placing outside bets where the payout is 1:1
  • Doubling the bet after a loss helps to recover the lost bet
  • The player restarts with the smallest bet after winning

Labouchère System

Labouchère System

  • A roulette strategy for even-money outside bets – Red/Black, Even/Odd, and 1-18 or 19-36
  • Players first determine how much money they wish to win
  • The target amount is then divided into smaller units
  • Each unit is then divided into small numbers that add up to the target unit
  • The next step is to cross out the winning bets until there are no more units left
  • For a lost bet, the player has to add the lost number to the end of the sequence

D’Alembert System

D’Alembert System

  • Created to work for even-money bets
  • The player chooses a unit (bet amount) that’s less than 5% of the bankroll
  • To play, bet with one unit and increase the stake by one unit after a win
  • In case of a loss, the player has to lower the bet by one unit

Fibonacci System

Fibonacci System

  • A negative progression system for even-money bets
  • The system uses a cumulative sequence of numbers
  • The next number (bet amount) is equal to the sum of two prior numbers (bets)
  • The player follows the sequence after every loss
  • The player restarts the sequence after every win

Most Popular Types of Online Roulette

Most online roulette casino games are based on European, American and French roulette variants. These games may be available as RNG software versions or live dealer games.

  • European Roulette

    European Roulette

    • A popular casino roulette game with one single-zero (0) pocket
    • The game features the numbers 1 to 36 besides the 0 pocket
    • The house edge is much lower than that of American Roulette
  • French Roulette

    French Roulette

    • A single-zero (0) roulette game with better odds than American Roulette
    • The table and wheel have the numbers 1 to 36 and the 0 pocket
    • French Roulette has a racetrack with call bets, announced bets or called bets
  • American Roulette

    American Roulette

    • A roulette game with two green zero pockets – 0 and 00
    • The extra zero pocket increases the house edge
    • The table features the two zero pockets and the numbers 1-36
  • Live dealer roulette

    Live Dealer Roulette

    Rather than playing a roulette game online alone, players can choose to play live dealer roulette. With this option, players can play real money roulette games with actual dealers. The action is streamed live from a studio.


How to Start Playing Roulette Online for Real Money

  1. Choose a Casino from Our List

    Check our list of top casino roulette online sites and sign up for an online gaming account.

  2. Choose Good Welcome Bonus

    Make sure the selected casino has a lucrative welcome offer on casino games, especially a generous online roulette bonus offer.

  3. Make a Deposit

    Pick a deposit method and enter the amount you wish to deposit. Keep the casino’s min deposit in mind.

  4. Choose Roulette and Spin the Wheel

    Select your preferred roulette game and place a bet to play for real money.

  5. Take a win!

    That’s it! If you win, go to the payments section and cash out your winnings.

Top Tips that Will Help You to Save Money

  • Practise with Free Roulette

    Practise with Free Roulette

    Play online roulette games free to learn how the game works before playing real money roulette.

  • Play Outside Over Inside Bets

    Play Outside Over Inside Bets

    Start with outside bets because the winnings odds are higher than with inside bets.

  • Make Small Bets at Start

    Make Small Bets at Start

    Consider placing smaller bets at the beginning and increase the bet amount if you win.

  • Play Only at Licensed & Reputable Casinos

    Play Only at Licensed & Reputable Casinos

    For your safety, be sure to play at licensed and regulated online casino roulette gambling sites.

  • Do Not Drink While You Playing

    Do Not Drink While You Playing

    Sobriety is key when playing roulette online to avoid making potentially harmful decisions.

  • Take Regular Breaks to Stay Focused

    Take Regular Breaks to Stay Focused

    Remember to take a break if you find yourself chasing losses.


Which Roulette Games are Available Online?

The most popular casino online roulette games are based on American, European and French roulette games.

What’s the Best Online Roulette Game?

European-based versions of roulette are the best because they have the highest odds.

Can I Win Real Money Playing Roulette Online?

Yes, many casinos are offering real money roulette games with withdrawable wins.

Can I Play Online Roulette Free?

Yes, online roulette is available for free play in demo mode.

What’s the Best Roulette Casino Online?

Top-rated roulette casinos have a licence and offer different types of roulette games with bonuses.