Secure Methods of Transacting NZ$ in Online Casinos

Which method do you prefer to pay a deposit and withdraw cash from online casinos here in New Zealand? We are aware you have heard about many. But you have not verified any of them. So up to this moment, you are yet to find a solution. From now, worry no more. Instead, get on board we explore the safest means of transacting money for online casinos in New Zealand.

Our Experts have 2 decades of experience in the gambling industry. Thus, they have an in-depth knowledge of all spheres of online casinos in New Zealand. Thus, you can count on us in giving you reliable information on payment methods. Trust us and in return, you will receive valuable and relevant knowledge.

How to deposit in online casinos?

  1. Step 1: Select your preferred casino

    Don't go far, choose one of the casinos that we have featured on our website. Proceed and open an account with them.

  2. Step 2: Decide on your payment method

    All online casinos that we have recommended have more than one mode of transacting money. So, choose one of their options and you will be safe. Also, in the future, you are at liberty to swap your choice.

  3. Step 3: Drop your deposit and be prepared to win.

    Now, visit your physical bank and deposit your cash. Then transfer the amount to the casino that you had chosen.

    After completing those vital steps, pick a game and start playing. Enjoy as you wait to receive pay-outs.


Do casinos accept E-wallets?

Yes, they do. Right now, allow us to highlight to you, those that we have verified.


Skrill is one of the online casino payment methods for New Zealanders. It appears on top of the list because it is a safe, secure and fast means of payment. Also, it is legal to link this mode of payments with your bank for instant transactions.


PayPal is a global online money transfer method which has its operations in New Zealand. So, it is one of the recommended options for casino sites that we feature on our online portal. Even the casinos vouch for it because it does not over-charge extra fees when transferring funds.


It is an accepted international online payment method that was started in the UK. After signing up with them, they will give you an account number and a card. That you will be using while transacting with their option. Then you will be eligible to withdraw and deposit through the platform all the time.

Can I Use Credit Cards in my online Casino Activities?

Can I Use Credit Cards in my online Casino Activities?

All over the world, credit cards are de facto modes of online payments. The majority of banks from each country in the universe have a custom-made credit card. That they allow customers to use in online transactions. Which are convenient for use anytime even in online casinos.

Point worth noting! US banks don't allow their credit cards to be used in gambling sites. But our local banks don't restrict us on how we should use credit cards. So, take advantage of that liberalization. And start using your credit cards in paying deposits on online casinos.

In case you don't bank with local financial institutions, visit one, today. Open an account then sign up for a credit card. Later, join us in celebrating the milestone.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards

If you don't like revealing your identities while gambling on online sites. Prepaid cards are perfect avenues of masking your identity. As you enjoy your favourite online casino. Now visit any retailer in New Zealand, load your card and be ready to use it. But before applying it, check the T&C Terms and Conditions. To confirm the credit card that you are using is acceptable by your casino of choice.



This is another safe and quick way of clearing your deposit. It involves using your bank account, that is if it supports this sort of arrangement. It is similar to travellers cheque but, in this case, it is applied online. Check with your bank and then endorse the arrangement. If it is compatible with the casino that you are intending to join.

Bank Wire Transfer

Bank Wire Transfer

It falls under the category of participating in a casino anonymously. The process entails making an arrangement with your bank. To deposit some amount to your preferred casino account. Though it takes a bit longer and involves extra work, it is worth it. Since you will be able to conceal your personal details.

Instant Banking

Instant Banking

The majority of banks in New Zealand collaborate with online casinos that appear on our site. You will be asked to give your bank account number and also the cheque number. Unlike other e-wallets, Instant Banking supports both payments of deposits. And withdraw of pay-outs on casino sites.



Thanks to the advancement of digital banking, more online payment systems are starting to garner some attention.


While many different banks and credit card companies exist out there, some are higher ranked than others. 


Visa casinos are among the most trusted online casinos today. As a payment method, Visa is easy to use for online casino transactions.


PayPal is an online service that allows both individuals and businesses the ability to purchase and sell goods through a verified and secure online site.


Neteller is owned by Paysafe Group and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.


Skrill is similar to PayPal. Skrill casino sites allow you to make deposits and withdrawals, are very quick and safe.


How safe is the online payment method?

They are completely safe for use. We are always concerned about the security of our clients. Thus, we can't expose your personal details to third parties. Due to the sensitivity of the matter, the stakeholders apply extra measures. Even more than normal measures of securing a bank card.

What are the advantages of using online payment means?

There are various benefits, the greatest of all is quick transactions. Other modes of payments have attached fees that serve as extra charges. While online payments don't involve those riders. Also, they are not limited to certain hours. This happens to be good news for you. If you want to win fast or you are a bit impatient.

How do casinos protect online transactions?

Apart from the banks taking extra measures to guard their trade, even the casinos do the same. Because criminals can take advantage of either the receiver or sender of the money. That is why we keep telling you to only work with online casinos that we have vetted and recommended.

How many payment methods are allowed per one online casino?

There is no definite answer to the above query. Because the number of payment modes of casinos varies. Depending on the terms and conditions of that casino. But none will ever restrict you to one option.