William Grieve

Marketing Manager


William is a marketing manager from Whangarei, New Zealand. If he is not playing competitive games on his PC, then you will find him dribbling the ball on the local basketball court with his team of childhood friends. William’s hobbies also include “a bit of tai chi on the weekend” and scrolling through social media platforms to better understand the market he caters to.

I have been lucky enough to grow up in a rich social environment. Any answers you need are at your fingertips or sitting in your pocket. I’ve always been interested in the thought process of buyers and how clever marketing can convince the reader to sign up or buy a product. I studied marketing in college, and while doing my honors, I discovered the wonderful world of online marketing.

Through the years, I have honed my skills and acquired many certificates through short courses to better understand this ever-expanding industry. I believe that in the future online marketing will become the main, if not the only avenue, to market and advertise goods and services. I strive to give my clients the best possible results while managing to target the right people, all while communicating a distinct benefit to the customer.

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